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Razor Rip Rider 360

razor riprider There has been a lot of buzz on the Razor Rip Rider for about some time now, and this is because this cool trike for kids has generated a lot of positive reviews from kids and their parents.

The razor rip rider 360 caster tricycle has this function and look that makes it appealing to a wide age range. Razor, the manufacturer of this drift trike has always been a name associated with innovation and a lot of people seem to have fallen in love with this awesome product.

As for me, I love this product for a whole lot of reasons, but you know what they say, another man’s meat is another’s poison, that is, what works for me, might not do the same for you. Anyways, if you still doubt the coolness of this rip rider then this review right here might help you with making the right decision.



First off, we’ll take a look at the main specifications. The razor 360 drift trike has a mass weight of 160 lbs. When assembled, the dimensions are 38″ by 24″ by 24″. The components it is made of includes a front wheel, 75mm rear caster wheels, a seat, steering bolt, front fork, lock nut, front cover and the handlebar grip. It is a product for kids from age five and above.


razor 360There are a lot of features that makes the Razor rip rider360 caster trike unique when compared to other products. Let’s start with the double inclined casters. These casters make the razor riprider 360 caster tricycle spin and drift with no kind of resistance, making it easier for kids to be able to ride this trike with utmost ease.

Another feature that makes the razor 360 unique, is the built in free wheel system. This mechanism which seems to be available in the razor 360
only, allows the razor riprider to go at amazing speeds with no jerky motion involved. This feature alone makes the trike worth every penny.

razor rip rider 360 pinkAlso, I noticed that the front tire has high impact and a very sturdy design. Moreover the dual crown fork design provides the razor rip rider 360 with nice strength and awesome balance. Also, when you look closely at the rip rider 360, you’ll notice that the frame and fork are welded steel, this means it is extremely stable and durable compared to other products.

The handlebar which happens to be a MX style handlebar with nice rubberized grips is accurately implemented. This trike also comes in different colors. My favorite is the razor rip rider 360 pink. To top it all, this wonderful trike comes with a 6 month warranty.


When it comes to the pros of this product, there are a lot of things I can say about it, and positive ones at that. Starting with the design, the drifts and spins are extremely smooth, which means the double canisters work as advertised. Also, just like a lot of people are saying about the razor 360, the free wheel design enables you to enjoy your coasting, and to make it better, the design is built to last.

When you look at the razor rip rider 360 tricycle, you will notice that the construction design is much more durable, stronger and better than most products like it on the market. Also, the advertised weight limit of 160 lbs is very true.

riprider 360 caster trike


Primarily, the razor 360 is designed for kids, but with the fact that it has a weight limit of 160lbs, young adults and women can also have fun riding this trike. There’s no way I will talk about the pros of this trike and not mention what seems to be the most amazing fact of all – the handling. The trike responds easily to every turn and twist initiated by whoever is riding it. This is probably the most important reason why kids enjoy this trike. It is so easy to use.

The razor rip rider caster trike comes with a detailed instruction manual which is very easy to follow. Yes, you will need to assemble some of its parts, but the manual will make it easy for you to keep it a straightforward affair. There are safety guidelines for you to follow and really good illustrations that will make the whole process of assembling very easy.

Now to top it all off, the razor 360 is so easy to learn. Thanks to the design your child can make easy spins and turns without you worrying about the trike turning over.


rip rider 360 for adultsThe razor rip rider 360 doesn’t have a lot of things one can complain about. One thing I would have loved the razor 360 to have is rear wheel locks, though it’s no big deal.

Also the fact that the trike has no handbrakes is a little disappointing; little because the razor can still skid easily.

There’s also the fact that you cannot continue in linear motion, that is, a straight line, for long when you are riding the trike. Besides all of these, there’s no other drawback to mention about the razor 360.


The razor rip rider caster costs around 80 dollars to 180 dollars. You can check eBay or Amazon for the best prices on this awesome product.