Motorized Drift Trikes For Sale

motorized drift trike for sale

Are you looking for motorized drift trikes for sale? That’s cool because this is the right place for you to learn all about motorized drift trikes. Do you know how much fun you can derive from drift triking?

You might have probably seen someone drift triking or maybe heard someone talk about how fun and cool these machines are, and you went like “boy, I need to get myself one of those”. You log on to your computer, come online and commence your search for motorized drift trikes for sale.

But before you get yourself a motorized drift trike for sale, are you aware of the fact that they are two types of motorized drift trikes? And each one of them has its own spec and features? Allow me to bring you into the world of trikes, where you will get to know what they are, the two different types and how to go about using them before you jump on getting yourself one of the motorized drift trikes. But first we’ll start with;

What Are Drift Trikes?

The invention of drift trikes came into being when some individuals from New Zealand thought of making a frame that is quite stronger than that of a kid’s tricycles. Did I mention that the tricycle for kids was used as a model?

motorized drift trikesWell, these New Zealanders created a frame that was stronger than a child’s tricycle and added some sliding rear wheels that were quite slick. These wheels were created from hard plastic with PVC being the major component, and they started drifting with what they had built.

Motorized drift trikes for sale serve no other purpose other than drifting, obviously. A drift trike, as stated earlier, is made up of two hard plastic tires in the rear, which are made from PVC, making the wheels lose traction thereby making it easier to drift with. The loss of traction is done intentionally and is joined with counter steering.

This combination of traction and counter steering allows the rider, or should I say triker, have the ability to negotiate corners freely. The one and only wheel up front is usually a standard BMX wheel and it has just a brake fixed to it; besides this brake, the feet of the rider or triker are the only things that can stop the trike while it’s moving. Now, besides stopping the trike, the brakes of a drift trike allows the rider to pull stunts and control the rate at which the trike moves.

There are pedals attached to most motorized drift trikes for sale; this enables the triker to have somewhere to place his feet while drift triking. The motorized versions of drift trikes though, have leg rests since they are controlled by motors and not pedals like the gravity types. Since drift triking is mostly done on a paved road, or a steep downhill slope, pedals come in handy if per adventure a triker gets stuck on a flat land. There are also trikes with rear axles that are detached; this makes the trike look nice and it also makes drift triking a lot easier.

Drift triking didn’t become popular until 2009; a popularity which had to do with a lot of help from YouTube. Ever since then, the sport has gotten noticed by a lot of people from different parts of the world; extending its reach from New Zealand , the original country, to Colombia, the United States, Australia, and a whole lot of other countries. A non-profit organization in the body of American Drift Trike Association was established in the USA in order to promote the sport. So now, you can find sponsors, racers and drift trike competition all over the world.

Now that you know a little about drift trike and its origination, let’s get back to the world of adult drift trike, the world of motorized drift trike for sale.

Adult Drift Trike

There are mainly three types of adult drift trikes, which are; the gravity drift trike, motorized electric drift trike and the motorized gas powered drift trike. But we’ll only talk about the motorized drift trikes for sale. First we will start with the following one below.

Motorized Electric Drift Trikes

These trikes have got electric motors mounted on their rear or front tires. The gravity versions of these trikes are a little bit surpassed by these electric drift trike.

razor power rider 360

This is simply because this trikes are not controlled by pedals, unlike the gravity types which are equipped with pedals, which means they can be used on downhill courses as well as flat, open stretches of land.

Now, you might have been wondering why I added “a little bit” in the second sentence, well the thing is, this motorized drift trike for sale has one con; the motorized electric drift trike can hold a charge of just 12 miles or say forty five minutes before life is snuffed out of it. This kind of makes racing in the afternoon difficult. They are a lot of brands from which you can select one of these motorized drift trikes for sale.

Motorized Gas Powered Drift Trikes

These gas powered drift trikes are built with rear disc brakes, real wheel motors and hydraulic fronts. These components enables these motorized trikes for sale to brake more evenly than every other version of drift trikes. It is also a very great version of adult drift trike as it allows bigger and taller riders to ride more without much problem.

gas powered drift trike for sale

Disadvantages? Well, it depends on your point of view. If you are a speed lover, this isn’t going to look like a disadvantage to you, but if you are not, well it is. Some of these motorized drift trikes can run speeds as high as thirty five MPH. While there are some than can go as fast as 70MPH. It all depends on how much horse power one of the motorized drift trikes for sale you want to purchase has.

Motorized Drift Trike Parts And Accessories

Getting parts and accessories for your motorized drift trikes for sale is quite easy. You can get different parts such as your drift trike chassis, axles, locking collars, throttle, brakes, shifters, wheel, sprocket, tires and a whole lot of other components. All you need to do is make the right searches and you will get the right component for your drift trike.

And that’s it on motorized drift trikes. Do not forget to make your researches well and to check the warranty of whichever drift trike you are buying. Take your time, learn how to ride one very well, if you don’t yet, then get your own motorized drift trike for sale and start drifting.