How To Find A Good Drift Trikes For Sale

Drift Trikes For Sale

If you’d like to enjoy riding one of these coolers around the hood but wondering where to find the best drift trikes for sale, I hope this article will be of help.

There are few things that remind us more of our childhood than drift trikes. It’s a nice and sunny day, the streets are calm and all you can hear is a sound of PVC rear wheels sliding around the corners.

Recently, I wanted to buy one and indulge in that pure feeling of enjoyment once again. I’ve spent hours researching the smartest option to get the best value for my money. So I realized that my experience can save a lot of time to someone who is looking for one of this trike. Here’s my selection of best drift trikes available online.

PictureProduct NameOur RatingPriceWhere To Buy
Flash Rider 3604.8$Check Price
Power Rider 3604.7$$Check Price
RipRider 3604.8$Check Price
Madd Gear Trike4.5$Check Price
Razor DXT Electric trike4.6$$$$Check Price
Razor DXT
4.3$$Check Price
Huffy Drift Trike4.5$$Check Price
Radio Flyer Big Wheel4.3$Check Price
Counter Measure Triad4.6$$$Check Price

Sure, bikes and motorcycles can be fun, but nothing gives you that pure enjoyment of a trike sliding sideways and doing crazy 360 spins.

With drift trikes gaining more and more popularity, you can enjoy it no matter how old you are. Kids, teenagers, adults, you can see multiple generations drifting and having fun together, all joined by the same love for them. This exactly is the reason why I was searching for drift trikes for sale.

1. Flash Rider 360 – A Fun Drift Trike for Kids

Razor flash riderThis fun little Flash Rider 360 is a perfect one for any kid between 5 and 12 years old. It’s very lightweight and easy to ride, but it still can hold up to 160 pounds. Its dual inclined caster wheels provide endless spinning fun making those 360 turns easy to pull off. Spark bar is a brilliant addition that will make the spins look even cooler. When the spark is gone, you can always get a new cartridge and replace it.

When the spark is gone, you can always get a new cartridge and replace it. Handlebars sport the cool MX look with soft rubber grips that will protect your kid’s hands. It owes its sturdiness and stability to the welded steel frame and fork, which can hold any kid up to 12 years.

The great thing about this version for kids is that it’s super fun to ride and super safe at the same time for a very fair price. It’s easy to use and extremely hard to tip, even if it doesn’t look like that.

On the other hand, I noticed that a lot of people complain about the sparker breaking or falling apart too easily. Besides that, Flash Rider 360 is a great drift trike for the price.


2. Power Rider 360 Electric Trike

Another gem from Razor, Power Rider 360 is one of the best electric trikes for kids in the market. This modern 3-wheeler can speed up to 9 mph with the push of the button and it can last up to 40 minutes of continuous fun. The electric Power Rider 360 is recommended for kids from 8 to 13 years old and it can hold up to 120 pounds of weight.

Held firm with a welded street frame, the front part holds a high impact wheel with folding foot pegs on the side. Handles are protected by soft rubber grips and hold a hand-operated front brake for quick stops. While the back part is the home of dual inclined casters, responsible for the exciting drifts and spins.

Kids love this baby since it’s an electric trike and they don’t need to pedal hard to have fun. And it comes with that luxury for a reasonable price.
This can also be a problem, since the batteries on Power Rider 360 need up to 12 hours to recharge, and there are no pedals to provide back-up.


3. RipRider 360 – Caster Trike for Kids

rip oneRazor RipRider 360 is a perfect combination of simplicity and maximum excitement. This simple and fun caster trike takes a spin on the classic big wheel trike. Its dual inclined rear caster wheels take spinning and drifting to a whole new level. While the front MX styled bars provide maximum control of a high impact front wheel.

When assembled, the rugged steel construction guarantees to hold up to 160 pounds of weight, which is enough for kids up to 13-14 years, depending on height.

The best thing about RipRider 360 is its simplicity and sturdiness. If you buy it for you 5 years old kid, you are investing in years of endless fun.

However, they will show signs of wear soon enough, and it’s a bit annoying that the seat can’t be adjusted for different ages.


4. Madd Gear Drift Trike – Affordable Mini Slider

madd gear miniThis red black and green Madd Gear Drift Trike is a mini version for kids looking like a professional one. It’s designed for kids of 5 years and older and it can hold up riders up to 150 pounds. The 16“ front tire can be stopped by a front BMX style brake for quick stops and spins. The easily assembled steel frame is responsible for Madd Gear Drift Trike’s great sturdiness and cool look.

Black bucket seat can be adjustable to match different ages and heights. The back wheels are blow molded with fat thread. This will give the kids great grip when accelerating, hile enabling them to pull off stunning slides.

My son and I just love how it looks. He thinks that he’s the coolest kid on the block when drifting in it, and boy does it drift smoothly.

I’d like to add that the assembly instructions are really confusing and it can be hard to put it together without some experience. Luckily we managed to pull it off somehow. Other than that, Madd Gear Trike is a real treat that’s really worth the price.


5. Razor DXT – Electric Drift Trike

dxt electric drift trikeDXT has brought a revolution to electric drift trikes. This next generation trike is powered by an impressive 500-watt chain-driven motor and it can reach up to a whopping 15 mph. This bad boy is everything but a toy. What toy does have a powerful twist-grip throttle, front disc brake, and pro-style grips? That’s why it’s recommended for ages of 16 and older and it can hold up to almost 200 pounds. The battery can endure up to 60 minutes of a high-speed chase in this baby.

It’s amazing how powerful can an electric trike be, giving you all the fun without much effort and both kids and adults can enjoy it equally. However, parents might be a bit concerned since there’s no way to limit the speed and the price can be a bit too much if you are buying it just for a kid. It is a great way to enjoy drift and slides without investing much effort.

However, parents might be a bit concerned since there’s no way to limit the speed and the price can be a bit too much if you are buying it just for a kid. All in all it is a great way to enjoy drift and slides without investing much effort.


6. DXT Drift Trikes

dmx driftingUnlike its electric counterpart, Razor DXT  will require some pedaling, but it will not lack the fun. Strong and solid steel frame, combined with amazing Super Slider rear wheels will make downhills more fun than ever.

In the front, the handlebars resemble moto-styled ones and the 20“ front wheel is made with BMX styled platform pedals. This gives its extreme look and feel.

The 356 mm bucket seat is pretty comfortable and it can be adjusted to 2 positions. DXT Trike will hold up to 240 pounds and it will give you amazing drifting experience with minimum investments.

In my opinion, this drift trike for sale is one of the best for its price. The one thing it could improve is the quality of the wheels. My son rode it for a month and they started to wear quite a bit. Otherwise, I would recommend DXT version to anyone wanting to get into this fun hobby.


7. Huffy Drift Trike – The Small Mean Green Machine

huffy greenGreen Machine Huffy is one of the most unusual drift trikes for sale out there. Instead of the classic handlebars, it’s steered with dual sticks with soft green/black grips.

The young ones can now steer the front paneled wheel more easily and smoothly go into drifts and slides. It can hold even up to 200 lbs, making it a real treat for kids of all ages. We had kids ages 7-11 driving it and each one of them enjoyed it without a problem.

It’s incredible how much fun can this green machine be. Kids love just driving in it, let alone drifting and sliding and that fun and joy are well worth the price. I’d also like to add that it looks really cool sitting in the front yard.

Although, the quality of the material could be a bit better. The plastic parts on Huffy are a bit too fragile and can break quite easily, especially for the older kids.


8. Radio Flyer Big Wheel – Deluxe Drift Trike for Kids

radio flyer trikingThis cute red Radio Flyer Big Wheel drift trike is a perfect present for every kid older than 2-3 years. It’s quite compact (24.2 x 9.6 x 16.5) and it weighs only 15 pounds. Scoring a 4-star rating, on Amazon, it proves that it’s very durable and fun to ride, even if its price is really affordable.

The seat is adjustable, so it’s great if you have more than one kid. Assembling it can present a little bit of struggle, but the fun the kids have with it is well worth the effort.

Kids absolutely love it and the great thing is that you don’t have to spend too much money on more quality ones until they get bigger. The downside is that it’s not too carefully manufactured and it can give in under the rough and tumble play.

Yet I would recommend Radio Flyer Big Wheel for everyone with kids between 3-5 looking for a budget purchase.


9. Counter Measure Triad Big Wheel

triad kids driftingtrikeNow back to more serious sliders, which Triad definitely is. Except for its compact size (39 x 31 x 41), nothing separates this bad boy from more serious adult trikes. The black and yellow model with 18“ front wheel is ideal for kids age 8 and older that already have some experience with drifting and want to get more into it. Even some shorter adults can enjoy it without a problem since the seat position can be moved and adjusted. Just push the BMX pedals and attack the corner with an awesome slide.

Even some shorter adults can enjoy it without a problem since the seat position can be moved and adjusted. Just push the BMX pedals and attack the corner with an awesome slide.

The high-quality frame can be dissembled for easier transport, which is an awesome treat when your kid wants to bring it in the car. Luckily I had experience with assembling these things since the instructions can be a mess to deal with.

This Triad drift trike will give your kids, or you, hours of fun for a quite reasonable price, considering its quality.


Where To Buy Drift Trike?

drift trikesThe first option I’ve tried are local shops but had not much luck there. The choice is poor and relies on a few ordinary models and I wanted my first one to be the one I’ll really like and not buy it and keep it in my garage for the most of the time.

Plus, there were not many shops I could search nearby. One of my friends suggested that I try Craigslist or try ordering one at custom shops, which was way more than I could afford. Craigslist didn’t offer many satisfying results – there were plenty of cheap drift trikes for sale there, but not many of them were in a good condition.

I’ve also tried eBay and Amazon, as well as several online shops, which was the best option in my opinion, because I could find plenty of models, plus compare their prices and features. Below I’ve listed several models that I found interesting for anyone who would like to grab one of these hot looking trikes for the affordable price.

 And How About Adult Drift Trike?

Big wheel drift trike for adultsMany of us stay kids for the whole life and enjoy riding drift bikes in the late years. Luckily, some manufacturers had understanding for this and that’s why you can find plenty of so-called big wheel drift trikes out there.

Therefore it’s important to know the performance limits of your drift trikes for sale and choose adult trike bike if you’re buying it for an adult. These can be slightly more expensive, but when you look at the risks of breaking those made for kids and getting hurt, the price is well justified.

Drift trikes for adults have stronger frames and larger weight limits, therefore the price is bigger. Online shops, again, come very handy when choosing one of these.

Where To Find Motorized Drift Trikes For Sale?

Just when I thought they couldn’t be any more exciting, I learned about also motorized drift trikes. These custom-made bad boys, can easily combat hills and allow you to drift easily even at low speeds. The engines are usually installed behind the rear suspension, which will allow you better stability and more comfortable drifting.

The best part of this is that you are going to both appear and feel awesome while riding these. Thanks to this, now it’s possible to get in touch with the inner child in all of us without looking like one.

Motorized drift trikes for sale

To be clear, just in case, motorized drift trikes for sale isn’t recommended for those below 16 years of age, because they are much more serious drive than usual ones. On the other hand, these are great for those of you who don’t like to give much effort pedaling uphill and may be much more fun if you’re an adult. But, as a serious ride, a proper motorized drift trike for sale costs over $2000, which may not be affordable to many. It all kind of depends and what you want to get and how much you want to invest in it.

There are heaps of hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts creating their own makeshift motorized drift trikes. But I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a lot of experience and know exactly what are you doing. There is a huge difference between carelessly enjoying professionally made one and worrying if the thing you made in your garage is going to collapse.

The one I’d recommend is surely Motor HQ Electric Triker

This beauty is one of the best choices I could Google for phrase “motorized drift trikes for sale” and all of its variations. It has 4 strokes single cylinder with the ceramic coating with a displacement of 208 cc. With 6.5 HP and max torque of 6000 RPM, shaft transmission, and non-contact ignition, this babe will get you wherever you want.

With a top speed of 45 mph and high strength steel front and rear brakes, you’ll be driving one of the most stable available out there. It’s not recommended to persons under 16 years of age and it supports a driver up to 333 lbs.

motorized drift trike


Where To Find Good Drift Trike Parts?

Another awesome thing with drift trikes is that you can assemble one by your own taste and needs. With the sport becoming more and more popular with all generations, you can find every part you need. You don’t have to stress too much about one broken part since you can easily replace it with a new one.

Just like the drift trikes themselves, you can find parts in specialized shops, but once again, the best choice is to go to amazon or e-bay. You can add different size wheels, customized pedals, and frames by your choice. I must add that I’ve noticed that the frame seem to be a rarity nowadays. To work around this you can always find a cheap used or broken trikes with a good frame.

drift trike parts


One thing I can’t stress enough is that you should avoid bargain hunting and should not settle for cheap, low-quality drift trike parts. Don’t forget that you’ll reach whooping speeds at times and that you can injure yourself if something important breaks.

In case your budget is limited, you can find used drift trikes for sale, but…

If this is the case, first I would advise caution and maybe ask some expert and/or test the trike to see if it’s in working condition. Pay attention to frame and any potential cracks in it, as well as any other malfunction.

Buying even slightly damaged drift trikes may cost you much more than just money, therefore I’d recommend searching for a new one. For example, has plenty of cheap drift trikes for a very low price.